Pastor Charles Schaal came to the First Congregational Church, Dodge Center, MN in August, 2015 with a desire to lead the church to be "The Body of Christ in a Disembodied World." It is his belief there is no greater call on a church than to touch lives as Christ did; leaving individuals whole and restored into the fellowship of The Father.

Charles began church service as a music director for the Cedar Lane Baptist Church in 1967 during the first semester of his senior year in high school. It was during this time of ministry he met the young lady who would in two years become his wife, the church pianist Viki Robertson.

Charles started his secondary school education at Wharton County Junior College (where he served as Student Body President) followed by Houston Baptist College. Music was the center of his study. For the next several years he served several churches in Texas as Minister of Music and/or Youth.

In 1980 Charles and Viki began a new journey entering the pastoral ministry which took them from their native Texas and into Missouri. While serving Rothville Baptist Church, they gave him the greatest gift a church could give, the freedom and financial support to complete his education at the Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

In addition to his education, Missouri gave two other gifts to Charles and Viki. Both of their daughters met and married two Godly men. These two unions have provided five grandchildren. Monty and Tonia Montgomery live just a few miles from that first rural pastorate in Missouri where he currently pastors two Methodist churches. Chris and Melanie live less than a mile from Charles and Viki and are active with their family in local church. 

Under the Lord's leadership following the marriage of their daughters, the Schaal's committed to following Viki's nursing career which eventually dictated a move to Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, where she is currently serving as a cardiac nurse. Not having a church to pastor, Charles began a career as a Property and Casualty Insurance Adjuster.

While following a lifelong interest in horses, Charles began to visit various equine-centered and rodeo events. Noting the need for spiritual support, he began to serve in as a Chaplain in an organization that he and Viki started, the Minnesota Cowboy Ministry. It was during this time that he became known as a Cowboy Pastor. 

Charles and Viki bring a rich, life-long ministry to Dodge Center. Regardless of your religious heritage, or whether you have one at all, Pastor Charles joins with the Congregational Church in welcoming you to fellowship with believers who have no greater desire than to share life's journey with you.


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